ERBA-Soft is a unique software program to track medical instruments in the hospital.

Many hospitals have no insight into their instrument stock. This leads to high costs and may even lead to medical interventions being delayed because the necessary instruments are not available or even missing. ERBA-Soft has been developed to control all aspects of your instrument management. This convenient and inexpensive software program offers you a direct overview of your instruments and stocks. In this way you can optimize investments and guarantee a high quality level of your medical care.


ERBA-Soft increases safety at the operating room
Thanks to ERBA-Soft you can guarantee optimal safety and top quality of your medical care. Your entire medical staff, from sterilisation staff member to the surgeon, benefits from a well-organised administration of the used medical instruments. ERBA-Soft has been developed to increase the safety in and around the OR for both the patient and the medical staff.

Advantages of using ERBA-Soft

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Life data sheet

This convenient built-in messaging service streamlines the information flow to the OR staff.

ERBA-Soft guarantees full traceability of your instruments. The instruments are registered throughout their lifespan by means of an RFID or barcode scan and are linked to actions, patients and function. Because of this full traceability you always have a documented registration with which you can always check whether the correct procedures have been implemented. Moreover, you always know where your instruments are when you need them. Operating rooms can schedule their orders for instruments based on availability, so there is no uncertainty about missing instruments before an operation starts.

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Cost reduction

Insight into your instrument stock prevents unnecessary waste of expensive medical devices.

ERBA-Soft offers the central sterilisation and operation department an accurate overview of the instrument stock and the ability to produce statistics based on usage. This ensures optimal instrument stock and cost savings.

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We work for you and support you.

Our training courses and services ensure that you can make optimal use of all functionalities in ERBA-Soft. The training can be given to employees at all levels of experience, manners and locations.

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ERBA-Soft is inexpensive

Compared to other registration systems, ERBA-Soft is particularly inexpensive to purchase and maintain.

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Plug en play

The convenient Plug and Play functionality from ERBA-Soft offers your medical staff greater freedom.

Creators ERBA-Soft

ERBA-Soft has been developed by Surgeons, OR assistants, Sterilisation staff and IT Engineers.

During their work they noticed that many hospitals want to innovate and automate but because of many cutbacks it is sometimes difficult. A number of large hospitals in the world already work with an instrument tracking and patient system but unfortunately many still use paper and books. Because of this they started doing their own research in various hospitals both in Europe and in the Caribbean, to determine what the most efficient and easiest software system is. For them it was relatively easy because they deal with it on a daily basis.


Their goal then became to develop efficient and user-friendly software for the OR and the Sterilisation Departments that:

1. Is reliable and affordable for every hospital or healthcare institution so that they can continue to do what they are good at and that is providing care to the patient.
2. Provides an easy and complete IT system that makes it possible to link systems to each other for both large and small hospitals.
3. Keeps developing constantly with the latest technology on the market, for example RFID.
4. A program is in different languages.

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