About us

Within the company KoersvastOndernemen B.V. various Independent Professionals work together to efficiently and effectively carry out assignments. This way we guarantee an optimal result for an affordable and well-arranged investment.


KoersvastOndernemen B.V.
Stanley Neyndorff, consultant, trainer/coach
Jan Toering, business consultant (implementatiom, training/coaching)
Peter van Voorthuysen, ICT specialist (development and dashboarding) 
Arno Buizer, ICT specialist (full stack/development


Chamber of Commerce: 72787430,
Banking relationship: NL81 INGB 0008 5283 54
PO Box 2030, 6802 CA Arnhem

We will gladly tell you all the details in a personal meeting. For questions, please contact Stanley Neyndorff, 06 253 628 67 or send an e-mail to: stanley@koersvastondernemen.nl


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